“Our focus on fine details and additional touches leaves your guests with a feeling of pure satisfaction and customised care.”

green check in team photo London

Green Check-In concierge is a reliable and trustworthy hosting & cleaning company in London.

By providing exceptional, professional cleaning and reception services and managing regular maintenance issues we enable holiday apartments owners to enjoy long distance property ownership with a peace of mind.

We offer an extensive property management service and facilitate a list of maintenance options. Working in cooperation with a vast range of suppliers providing great experience in their fields and excellent prices to help save you time and money.

Commitment, communication and care are the three elements that define our service!

Our carefully selected team of highly trained and dedicated professionals with a fantastic eye for detail will work with you to create a relaxing, healthy and tasteful atmosphere.

Communication and knowledge is our strength and we believe only the highest standard is good enough.

Our clients and guest are always happy and satisfied.

We are proud to be eco-friendly, our aim is the use of effective cleaning practices and products that protect human health and the environment.

Why we are green?

Most of people are unaware how many toxins are in conventional cleaning products and in their war on dirt and germs, they may often unwillingly make things worse.

Many of popular domestic cleaners we can find in supermarkets contain harmful solvents, acids and corrosive chemicals.

Using them can lead to many health problems such as asthma or allergies and even have been linked to more serious diseases including birth defects or cancer?

Not only are chemical based cleaners harmful to human health, they are destructive to the earth by causing pollution to groundwater, damage to plant life and even effect on ozone layer.

There are much safer cleaning options available and we are here to introduce the best of them to you.

Green Check-In uses natural non-toxic, biodegradable products, never tested on animals. We have studied many different eco-friendly cleaning alternatives available on the market and have selected excellent products that are both safe & effective.

Healthy green planet

With the range of our favourite green cleaners we can easily complete every task  so you can rest assured that your health and our planet are protected.